A Distance-Based Tool-Set to Track Inconsistent Urban Structures Through Complex-Networks

Jan 1, 2018·
Gabriel Spadon
Bruno B. Machado
Danilo M. Eler
Jose F. Rodrigues
Complex networks can be used for modeling street meshes and urban agglomerates. With such a model, many aspects of a city can be investigated to promote a better quality of life to its citizens. Along these lines, this paper proposes a set of distance-based pattern-discovery algorithmic instruments to improve urban structures modeled as complex networks, detecting nodes that lack access from/to points of interest in a given city. Furthermore, we introduce a greedy algorithm that is able to recommend improvements to the structure of a city by suggesting where points of interest are to be placed. We contribute to a thorough process to deal with complex networks, including mathematical modeling and algorithmic innovation. The set of our contributions introduces a systematic manner to treat a recurrent problem of broad interest in cities.
Computational Science - ICCS 2018